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M.33 – Drew Pettifer: Less Than Lovers, launched by Gary Carsley

  • Artspace Ground Floor, Stand G29 (map)

The camera desires what I desire, it captures these subjects and possesses them. It records these moments for me, and I in turn share them with my audience (with the subjects’ consent)
Drew Pettifer, 2014

Following hot on the heels of his playfully provocative 2011 publication I keep mine hidden, Drew Pettifer presents a more languid, moody and delicate collection of images in his latest book from M.33. Once again taking its name from a song title, this one from the Japanese band Hoahio’s Less Than Lovers, More than Friends, the new book is beautifully designed and laid out by Joseph Johnson.

Edited by curator Kyla Mcfarlane from a vast collection of Pettifer’s visual diaries, the resulting body of work — which McFarlane describes in her accompanying essay Heatwave as a complex party Pettifer is inviting us to’ — traverses a somewhat different terrain for Pettifer. As opposed to the exclusively male, sexually-charged queer universe of his previous work, here we see a more open and varied world — more reflective of the wider milieu Pettifer moves in. Photographs of heterosexual couples and young women sit alongside those of male couples, images of Mount Fuji, and young men isolated in natural locations. That is not to say that sex and nudity are absent in this book, as for Pettifer these aspects are central and in some ways animate the collection of often disparate images.

Less Than Lovers will be launched by Gary Carsley, Artist and Emeritus nuisance, and Drew Pettifer will be signing books.