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Parker Bruce (Badlands Unlimited, NY) and Freek Lomme (Onomatopee, Eindhoven)

Where: Level 2, Seminar Room

Our headline talks for VOLUME 2017 are presented by Parker Bruce of Badlands Unlimited, New York, and Freek Lomme of Onomatopee, Eindhoven.

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Eat Ass Pray Love: Bruce will discuss the projects Badlands Unlimited has taken on throughout its seven-year existence that have aimed to expand publishing in new ways. 

Badlands Unlimited is a New York press publishing texts and works by artists and writers. Their latest publication is Into Words, a collection of writings by acclaimed painter Carroll Dunham. Badlands is known for their New Lovers erotica series as well as the anti-Trump protest signs, New Proverbs. They sell their books out of a retail flagship outlet store, Y.oung P.ublisher 99¢ & Up, located in a Chinatown dollar store. 

Parker Bruce is an editor and writer living in New York. He has contributed to Dazed, The FADER, and Dummy. He currently works as an editor at the press Badlands Unlimited. 

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project-ting culture: Lomme will discuss Onomatopee's inception and select projects with a focus on living in a designed culture, public emancipation, civil engagement, independent organisation and modes of collaborating and organising. 

Onomatopee Projects is a curatorially and editorially led public gallery and publisher based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, that both self-initiates and hosts a variety of projects. At Onomatopee, architects, urban planners, graphic and spatial designers, cultural critics, marketers, artists, politicians and others willing to engage with the meaningfulness of designed culture, get together, within a constructive sphere of nurturing, cultural citizenship, to negotiate and establish our cultural future via design’s playful, political practice.

Freek Lomme is a freelance curator, poet, lecturer, moderator and writer and, most of all, founding director and chief curator/editor of Onomatopee Projects . In parallel to this, he is a catalyst in organising independent curators and spaces as local, regional, national and international board member of various bodies such as De Zaak Nu and the International association for Curators in Contemporary Art (IKT).