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Studio A: Greg Sindel and Leigh Rigozzi

Where: Level G, Theatrette

A visual reading from Sindel’s comic book adaptation of Moby Dick.

Greg Sindel is a passionate and prolific graphic novelist. An ardent researcher, he is an expert on cult comic and horror film classics and is constantly sourcing new material from which to derive inspiration. Sindel has developed his storytelling craft since childhood, overcoming considerable learning difficulties to develop into a fluent wordsmith and illustrator. He is mentored by artist Leigh Rigozzi and has collaborated with arts organisations Erth and Curiousworks.

Studio A is a supported studio based in Sydney Australia that tackles the barriers that artists living with intellectual disability face in accessing conventional education, professional development pathways and opportunities needed to be successful and renowned visual artists. The enterprise paves professional pathways for such artists so that they can achieve their artistic and economic aspirations.